Get To Know Women Shoes From Woven Fabrics

The biggest temptations for women besides bags are shoes,because the  philosophy is the body can gain weight, but the shoe size doesn't change,  right? Women also will mix and match shoes with clothes and other  accessories, such as bags. If everything match, it's makes good mood in  everyday.

Nowdays the function of shoes has also turned into a fashion icon, and  shoes are common to be part of the collection.


Variations Of Shoe Material

Besides have various models, the materials using for shoes also  increasingly diverse. For example now using genuine or synthetic leather,  canvas, denim, suede, and batik and woven fabrics. Does anyone have a  collection of woven shoes? If not, let's take a look at the following  little explanation about woven shoes.

Woven shoes are the result of creative designs from local craftsmen. Seeing  how beautiful the woven fabric made in Indonesia, why not apply it as a  material to make shoes. Absolutely will produce beautiful shoes, etnic and  unique.


Woven Fabrics From Jepara Becomes Choice For Shoe Material

Woven fabrics is one of the symbols of Indonesian culture and traditions  that have existed for decades. Woven fabrics come in interesting motifs and  combinations. Recently, the weaving industry in various regions in  Indonesia has begun to increase. This is because the community wants to  preserve the nation's cultural heritage but also wants to show a reflection  of the nation's identity. Indonesia woven fabrics also made into various cool and  fashionable items.

One of the woven fabrics that are well known in the community is produced  at Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia,  called Tenun Ikat Jepara or Tenun Troso. Woven fabrics made with  the ATBM technique has many motifs and colors. The advantage of Jepara  woven is that the fabric is stronger and not easily torn.

All shoes are handmade by the craftmens. Everything do by details and have good quality. The quantity of shoes are not quite a lot, because the material are limited too. So, if you are person who love unique and ethnic products, you have to try this beautiful shoes.

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